MBA with Project Management (top-up)


With the help of this Project Management MBA, you will gain vital business know-how and abilities for evaluating an organisation’s situation and planning for its ongoing growth.

You will acquire the skills to create business cases for change initiatives, learn how to manage the resources and risks involved with these projects, and develop your capacity to successfully end projects.

Since this degree is fully online, you can continue working and advancing your career while integrating learning within your existing responsibilities owing to its flexibility.

Learning outcomes:

  • Along with project management abilities, you will gain a solid foundation in business management as you advance your knowledge and comprehension in the dynamic and evolving modern workplace.
  • Analyse and support the application of best practice concepts, methods, and tools in the development of successful projects.
  • Choosing and utilising the proper tools and strategies to address various problem scenarios in order to achieve a strategic organisational goal.
  • To assist in making decisions, synthesise information from various sources and communicate in a clear, professional manner.

Career Opportunities

A project management degree will give you access to a wide range of careers.You can develop a career in the field by holding various titles like
  • Project Manager
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Business Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Consultant
  • Project Scheduler
  • Program Analyst
  • Program Assistant etc
in sectors like Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Law, Construction & Engineering, IT, etc.

Module Overview

Students from the OTHM level 7 Diploma in Project Management will be granted 60 credits on entry on the MBA with Project Management after they have passed Operations and Information Management for Project Managers, Planning, Controlling & Leading in a Project (30 credits) and Advanced Research Methods.

The three pillars of sustainable business are social fairness, environmental protection and economic viability. This module will help you to understand aspects of all three pillars and to consider the strategies taken to improve key performance indicators in each area.

This module provides an in-depth understanding of the theoretical underpinnings and the practical implications of international approaches, models and regulations of managing people in a global context. Through this module you will examine the different models of international human resource management, the major employment policies of multinational companies and the problems that arise when operating in different countries.

This module equips you with an understanding of the complex nature of leading and managing people when implementing and evaluating change in organisations. The relationship between task, people and technology will be analysed in the context of organisational change. Factors that necessitate change and the main indicators of change are critically analysed. Different approaches to leadership are examined, as are alternative models of organisational change.

Within this module, you will learn how to critically analyse the accounting approaches that go towards the creation of financial accounts and budgeting. You will also develop the skills necessary to evaluate common financial control mechanisms and tools to help with financial decision making.

This module supports the development of effective entrepreneurial, innovative, and leadership mindsets. It will provide you with an opportunity to explore contemporary theories, essential principles of entrepreneurship, and innovative organisational environment in a variety of contexts. You will explore the required entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and attributes for success.

This is the capstone to the MBA program. The focus of this capstone will be directly related to any pathway you have studied. Regardless of which MBA you have taken, what you are assured of is a project which will be directly related to an authentic business challenge and you will be able to deepen your knowledge in the area you want to concentrate on.

This module is designed to introduce you to research methods and statistical analysis. Theoretical, historical and statistical concepts are taught using both quantitative and qualitative techniques that allow you to put theory into practice and conduct an in-depth research project.

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Teaching Methodology

On the Campus

  • Lectures in the Classroom
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Learning through Doing
  • Research and field trips
  • For debate and discussion, students will need to contribute through independent learning, extensive background learning, and inputs during seminars and tutorials.

Online Study

  • Virtual Classroom Lectures
  • Online Study Materials
  • Online Debate & Discussion
  • Question & Answer Session

Admission Requirements

  1. Application form
  2. OTHM level 7 Diploma in Project Management certificate
  3. Official transcripts
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Updated CV
  6. Reference letter from former academic institution or current employer (if applicable)
  7. IELTS overall 6.5 (with minimum 6.0 in each) or C3S Credibility Interview


*Payment instalment plans are available. Please contact C3S’s Administration Department for further details

Application fee

Non-refundable, paid with application : €300

full time

Tuition Fees


Program Duration

6 Months


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