Welcome Week – October 2023

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Welcome Week

Welcome Week 2023 Student Life New Beginnings

Welcome to our new students joining the October Intake 2023 at C3S Business School, Barcelona! We are excited to have you join our dynamic community. Get ready for an engaging Welcome Week filled with informative sessions, networking opportunities, and enjoyable...

  • Cultural and Administrative Integration: Students will be introduced to Spanish culture and gain an understanding of the local customs, which will help them acclimate to their new environment. They will also receive guidance on completing necessary residency paperwork, ensuring a smooth administrative transition.
  • Academic and Language Skills: Through sessions on Business English and Spanish language basics, students will enhance their communication skills, crucial for their academic and professional endeavors. Additionally, the academic introduction and goal-setting session will equip them with strategies for academic success.
  • Support Systems and Networking: Welcome Week offers a valuable opportunity to learn about the student support services available, ensuring students know where to seek help when needed. The various social activities, including the boat tour, provide a platform for networking and building connections with peers and faculty.


Dr. Mehrad, an esteemed academic and researcher, holds dual Ph.D. degrees in Health/Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Social Psychology. With over 14 years of international teaching experience, she specializes in Leadership, Business Management, and Strategic Marketing. An accomplished author, she has published extensively in scientific journals and presented at international conferences.

Dr. Aida Mehrad

Fernando Lopez Oggier is a UCLA graduate with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Geography. He has live, studied, and worked in 3 countries in 6 different cities. His research interests lie in Migration, Borders, Sustainability, and Human Rights Advocacy.

Fernando Lopez Oggier

With over 9 years of experience in digital marketing within the IT industry, I specialize in SEO, SMO, and Paid Marketing. Holding a Master’s in Digital Business and an MCA in Computer Science, I excel in crafting data-driven strategies and leveraging technology for competitive advantage. My expertise spans across digital strategy, data analytics, and project management, complemented by strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Sam Gohil

26 Jun

Welcome week 2023


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Welcome Week

Welcome Week 2023 Student Life New Beginnings
19 Oct

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Welcome Week

Explore Barcelona Student Life
30 Jun

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Welcome Week

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