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Join us for an intensive exploration into the dynamics of corporate growth with Dr. Francisco Rosique Gil, renowned expert in Strategic Management and Leadership. Designed exclusively for Master’s students, this 2-day workshop at C3S Business School offers invaluable insights into...

  • Importance of Corporate Growth: Students will learn why growth is essential for businesses in both growing and mature markets. They will understand how maintaining and increasing market share is crucial for a company's health and competitiveness.
  • Benefits of Business Growth: The workshop will cover various benefits of corporate growth, including attracting more customers, increasing sales, expanding products or services, and responding to market demand. Students will see how growth enhances market share, boosts brand credibility, and fosters innovation.
  • Strategic Growth Planning: Attendees will gain insights into how to strategically plan and implement growth initiatives. They will learn about the importance of making informed, strategic decisions to ensure that growth is sustainable and beneficial for the long-term stability and profitability of the business.


Let me introduce myself, I am Francisco Rosique, I founded the GRRE in 2003 to offer Financial and Market Studies to the Companies with the objective to Benchmark them against Competition, identify Gaps, and define/implement action plans to pursue a sustainable and profitable corporate growth. I got the GRRE reports detailed on the website based on my professional experience and my PhD research based on ‘’the Determinants of Corporate Growth’’ at the University of St Andrews.

Prof. Francisco Rosique

19 Jul



People Organization and Global Operations Management in an International Structure




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