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We are pleased to announce the successful hosting of the workshop on "Communication in Crisis Events," held on December 5th, 2022, at the prestigious C3S Business School in Barcelona, Spain. This insightful workshop, facilitated by Professor Luisa, focused on equipping...

  • Crisis Communication Planning: Students will learn the importance of developing and implementing effective crisis communication plans. This includes understanding the key components of a crisis communication strategy and how to tailor these plans to their specific business needs.
  • Crisis Management Systems: The workshop provides insights into setting up comprehensive crisis management systems. Students will gain knowledge on how to integrate communication strategies within these systems to ensure a coordinated and effective response during a crisis.
  • Leadership Communication Skills: Attendees will enhance their leadership communication skills, crucial for managing and mitigating crises. This involves learning how to convey clear, concise, and accurate information to stakeholders, maintaining transparency, and building trust during challenging situations.


With over 25 years as a communications consultant, writer, professor, and ontological coach, my passion for storytelling highlights its power as a universal connector. Stories reveal our identities, desires, and challenges, bridging cultural and social differences on an emotional level. Today, we must connect, share, and embrace new growth opportunities.

Prof. Luisa

19 Jul



People Organization and Global Operations Management in an International Structure




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