11 Amazing Things that No Other Business School in Barcelona Can Provide, WE BET!!

Only school to have partnered with OTHM, UK:

C3Sians have the exclusive privilege of getting an OTHM-UK Certificate by enrolling with C3S for Level 4 – Level 7 programs. OTHM is a UK based Awarding Organization regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).

24*7 student support:

C3Sians rest assured, once you land in Barcelona, our staff and the core team is more than supportive and they ensure that you are assisted for all possible concerns like accommodations, NIE support, etc. all your issues will be kept at bay. We literally mean being available for you round the clock, ping us and we’ll jump to help.

Industry experts as faculties

There is no better practice then learning theoretical concepts from people who have been actually implementing these concepts in real life situations and witnessing practical nuances of the corporate world. Thus, we at C3S have ensured that our faculty team comprises of all industry experts from varied industries having mammoth experience in their own field.

Purely Assignment based study

We have discarded the age old education concept of rote learning, as the technique dilutes the very concept of learning and understanding. At C3S, we have introduced assignment based studies for the students to learn to apply the concepts in the simulation case-studies and prep up for the business world.

One-to-One mentoring

We are a student-centric business school and our goal is to see all our students thrive and bloom with their eccentric skill set and expertise, to nurture this we provide one-to-one mentoring to all our students and have a looped constructive feedback mechanism to foster their growth.

Only school to have center of NCC education

Last but not the least (PHEW!), the only business school to have an NCC education center providing UK degree from University of central Lancashire (UCLAN) for BSc(Hons) Business Computing & Information Systems

E-Resources of OTHM

Since C3S is the only school in Barcelona to have partnered with OTHM-UK, our students can enjoy the premium access to the E-resources provided by OTHM.

Only B-school to give three degrees

At C3S, our students are the recipients of not Only one but three prestigious degrees from reputed bodies – UCAM, OTHM-UK, University of Chichester (UK) or NCC (UK). It is the only school in Barcelona to be awarding Spain and UK awarding bodies degrees.

Only school to give a Certificate for Level 4 & Level 5

If you are a Level 4 or Level 5 pursuing student, then on completion of your level you normally get only transcripts by other business schools but with us, a C3Sian’s will get transcripts along with a certified diploma awarded by our partnering body OTHM – UK.

Paid internships

 Having a firsthand experience by working as an intern can help our students to adapt and prepare themselves for the challenges in the business world, we understand this and thus, we provide assistance for paid internships at renowned and reputed companies. It also helps upgrade your cost of living in Barcelona while you’re studying.

Level 8 – UK degree

C3S has been able to do something unprecedented like being the only business school in Barcelona to be providing research based degree, i.e. Level – 8 UK degree with accreditations like QUALIFI or OTHM-UK and Swiss Doctorate Degree, DBA.

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Pooja Shah is more than a decade old in the education industry with roles ranging from Professor at a B-School to Foreign language facilitator in China to Content Strategist for an education giant. She is passionate about educating and inspiring the world with generic and specific topics relating to her industry with authentic and accurate information. She heads the Digital Content and Engagement department at C3S Business School.

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