Tools for Academic Writing Using AI Tools Effectively

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Join us for an exciting and informative workshop on effectively organizing tools for academic writing using AI! This workshop will delve into a variety of AI-powered tools designed to enhance and streamline the academic writing process. Participants will gain hands-on...

  • Enhanced Academic Writing Skills: Participants will gain practical insights into using advanced writing tools to improve their academic writing process. They will learn how to leverage AI-powered tools like ChatGPT to generate ideas, structure their writing, and enhance clarity and coherence in their academic papers. This includes understanding best practices for integrating AI-generated content ethically and effectively into their work.
  • Ethical Considerations in AI Use: The workshop emphasizes ethical considerations when utilizing generative AI tools such as ChatGPT. Students will learn about the importance of integrity, originality, and attribution in academic writing, ensuring they adhere to ethical standards and avoid plagiarism. They will also explore guidelines for responsibly integrating AI-generated content while maintaining academic rigor and authenticity.
  • Preparation for Future Technological Trends: By engaging with AI tools in an educational context, students are prepared for the evolving landscape of technology in academia and beyond. They develop critical thinking skills to evaluate and utilize AI tools effectively, positioning themselves as adept users of technology in their academic and professional careers.


Mani, with dual Master's in Computer Science and Software Development and a Bachelor's in Media Studies, excels in teaching IT subjects. Passionate about education and knowledge sharing, he makes significant contributions to computer science and personal development, impacting both academic and professional spheres.

Prof. Mani Tahriri

19 Jul



People Organization and Global Operations Management in an International Structure




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