How Do We Grow a Modern Company?

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Unlock Your Potential: Learn from the Best with Professor Dr. Francisco Rosique on How to Grow a Modern Company. Join us for an enlightening workshop designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in today's dynamic...

  • Modern Business Growth Strategies: Students will learn cutting-edge strategies for growing a modern company in today’s competitive business environment. This includes understanding the latest trends, tools, and techniques that drive business success and sustainability.
  • Thriving in Competitive Markets: The workshop will provide insights into how companies can thrive amid intense competition. Students will explore practical methods for standing out in the market, gaining a competitive edge, and leveraging unique strengths to attract and retain customers.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Attendees will discover how to unlock their own potential as business leaders and entrepreneurs. They will gain valuable motivational and inspirational insights to help set and achieve ambitious goals, cultivate a success-oriented mindset, and drive both personal and professional growth.


Let me introduce myself, I am Francisco Rosique, I founded the GRRE in 2003 to offer Financial and Market Studies to the Companies with the objective to Benchmark them against Competition, identify Gaps, and define/implement action plans to pursue a sustainable and profitable corporate growth. I got the GRRE reports detailed on the website based on my professional experience and my PhD research based on ‘’the Determinants of Corporate Growth’’ at the University of St Andrews.

Prof. Francisco Rosique

19 Jul



People Organization and Global Operations Management in an International Structure




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