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Ecological Earth Sciences Experiential Learning

Join us for an unforgettable day of exploration and discovery at CosmoCaixa Barcelona, Catalonia's premier science museum. This event, scheduled for April 29, 2024, promises a captivating journey through interactive exhibitions and immersive experiences designed for all ages. Event Highlights:...

  • Environmental and Ecological Understanding: Through exhibits like the Flooded Forest, students can learn about the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest and the importance of ecosystems. This exhibit showcases various species and their habitats, providing insights into wet and dry environments and the intricate relationships within an ecosystem.
  • Geological Processes and Earth Sciences: The Geological Wall offers students a hands-on understanding of geological formations and processes such as erosion, volcanism, and sedimentation. By observing large cuts of rock from different regions of Catalonia, students gain knowledge about the Earth's structure and the natural forces shaping it.
  • Astronomy and Space Science: With access to the planetarium and the Universe Hall, students can explore the origins of the universe from the Big Bang to present-day space exploration. These exhibits introduce concepts of astronomy, the evolution of the cosmos, and advancements in modern science and technology.
  • Interactive and Experiential Learning: Interactive exhibits like Clik and Flash and Touch, touch! encourage experiential learning through sensory engagement and play. These spaces allow students to engage with scientific principles through observation, deduction, and hands-on activities, making complex concepts more accessible and enjoyable.


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