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Join us for an enriching and inspiring visit to the Biblioteques de Barcelona, the heartbeat of the city's cultural and educational landscape. Scheduled for May 4th, 2024, this event will provide a unique opportunity to explore the diverse and vibrant...

  • Cultural and Educational Significance: Students will understand the vital role that libraries play in the cultural and educational life of Barcelona. They will learn how libraries such as the Jaume Fuster Library, the Library of Catalonia, and the Sant Pau-Santa Creu Library offer extensive reading materials, internet access, and audiovisual materials, serving as essential resources for education and personal development.
  • Community Engagement and Activities: Students will discover how these libraries function as community hubs, organizing a variety of cultural and educational activities. They will learn about the numerous talks, workshops, exhibitions, and book clubs that libraries host, promoting citizen participation, creativity, and the exchange of ideas among all age groups.
  • Adaptation to Technology and Modern Needs: Students will observe how Barcelona's libraries continuously adapt to new technologies and the evolving needs of users. They will see firsthand the availability of digital services, such as e-book downloads and access to online databases, demonstrating the libraries' commitment to providing modern and relevant services to the community.


Dr. Mehrad, an esteemed academic and researcher, holds dual Ph.D. degrees in Health/Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Social Psychology. With over 14 years of international teaching experience, she specializes in Leadership, Business Management, and Strategic Marketing. An accomplished author, she has published extensively in scientific journals and presented at international conferences.

Dr. Aida Mehrad

Dedicated to fostering student success as an online student support, research assistant, and student ambassador at C3S Business School.

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