About Us


Castelldefels School of Social Sciences (CSSS) is an educational institution driven by the mission of its founders to bring quality European education to those who are seeking it wherever they may come from.


CSSS aspires to be the leading academic institution in Europe and among the best in the world.  Our vision is to be globally recognized for producing graduates who are catalyst of positive change, produce impactful research and contribute to the advancement of the society.


CSSS’ mission is to guide and mentor students. Our academic infrastructure and industry exposure programs are designed to prepare students to confidently and competently take on the globalized working environment.

Core Values

Academic Excellence

As reflected in our course offerings, professional and academic qualifications of our faculty and staff, quality of our graduates and research output.


Valuing Uniqueness

We celebrate individuality and respect diversity. We encouraged multiplicity of ideas that enriches discussions and aid in making sound and informed decision.


Welcome Inclusivity

As a community of people from diverse background, we all make the work by practicing mindful mutual respect. Our culture reflects the WE, rather than US and THEM.


Community Engagement

We act as social actors and agents of change.  We participate in public forums and academic discussions. We actively participate in activities that would better the lives of people around us.

Academic News


Why is the International Day of Happiness celebrated on March 20?

From the word in Latin <<felicitas>>, is a state of pleasant spiritual and physical satisfaction, definition of the word" happiness

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Welcome to CSSS Prof. Bouis!

CSSS is proud to welcome Prof. Gloria Bouis, our VISITING FACULTY from University of Maryland  (UMD) USA. She will be

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CSSS Virtual tour

CSSS off ers a strong blended –learning core curriculum. We deliver a balance of classroom face –to-face instruction with state

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The WEBA World Student Fairs, University Fairs

Meet our representatives in The WEBA World annual Student fairs and University Fairs. Our representatives are available at following locations. Weba

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A Message from International Registrar’s Office

A Message from (Luciana Trucco Boggione) International Registrar's Office.

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A Message from Giorgio Anglani, eCampus

https://www.facebook.com/CastelldefelsSchoolOfSocialSciences/videos/1536545836461054/ This week, the representative of our partner Università eCampusProf. Giorgio Anglani, paid a visit to #CSSS campus. Prof. Anglani shared his impressions

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