The Directors

Hiren Raval(General Director)

A conscientious and professional manager with extensive experience in business and education. A highly organized and efficient individual, whose thorough and precise approach to projects has yielded excellent results. He started his career as a marketing assistance from Scottish and Southern Energy UK, where he worked for 2 years and held managerial positions, achieved a lot including winning fresher awards and all.

He started his own business and bought a company called Britannia college of excellence in the UK. Later he invested in few other schools including citizen 2000 educational institutes, Luton business, and computing college

Snehal Mehta(General Director)

Mr. Mehta is our Director for External Relations, Student Engagement, and Outreach. A seasoned businessman whose strength lies in managing people and linking businesses. His very important role is to support the students in innovation, marketing, and communications.