Key Career Benefits of an MBA

Much has been said about the benefits of earning a Masters’ in Business Administration. We sure talked about it recently. There is no doubt how much of a leg up getting an MBA can provide someone over a person with just a normal Bachelor’s in Business Administration. With that said, there are some key career benefits to keep in mind for what can be possible with an MBA. Here they are:

Transferable Skills
When you think about earning an MBA, most people tend to think this advanced degree can only be applied in areas of Business like finance and consulting. The truth is, pursuing an MBA also opens the door to many other industries where the skills you learned through the MBA (like leadership, critical thinking and analysis, intellectual creativity, communication, etc.) can be valuable for you to find a place in industries like tech, healthcare, consumer goods, government, nonprofit and others. Earning an MBA doesn’t box you to only one place. It’s opens the floodgates for many things.

Degree specialization
Say, you want to earn an MBA. You understand the big benefits. At the same time, you know there is a specific area you want to specialize in because you want to become a master at that specific area. Maybe you want to specialize in real estate. Maybe you want to specialize on digital marketing. Or business analytics. Or health care. Or something else.

The beauty of the MBA is how it allows you earn the advanced degree, while also allowing you to find a specific specialization that’ll can help you find work in a specific industry you want. It’ll also make you more marketable, as having a specialization with your MBA will make you stand out more than just the person who earned an MBA and that’s it.

Job Security
Something you’ll learn as you go through your career is, there is always a danger of your next day at work being your last. The world contains an ever shifting market, and based on how things go, some organizations either upsize to meet demands, or they downsize to balance their bottom line. At the time of downsizing, the heads of the company will analyze their assets, and they will decide which employees to keep, and which employee is a redundancy they have to let go. When you enter an organization at an entry level position and are part of a large, similar group, there is that toss up where you’ll either be seen as essential, or as a redundancy.

With an MBA, there is a higher chance for you to become part of an organization at a bigger level, which means your work will be seen as an important company asset to not let go. While it’s not 100% guarantee you will be safe from a company lay off period, the chances of you keeping your job during downsizing are much higher than if you were an employee at a normal level. It is good to have the chance to not worry about losing your job, hence why it is more highly recommended you pursue an MBA and enjoy this key benefit for your career.

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