€9,000(FULL TIME)

L7 DMSM the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary to exploit the digital environments in a business environ-ment, always with a global vision of the business.

The program is designed to show the new Internet professionals the key drivers required to be successful both in launching a new business and in transforming those businesses that still operate outside the digital world and need to make the leap. Professionals who know and master the new digital environment, know how to exploit social networks, be prepared to launch Mobile Marketing strategies and help your company to develop its e-commerce plan. In short, professionals and executives who know how to take advantage of New technologies to gain a solid competitive advantage over time.

The duration of the program will be spread over two semesters in one calendar year with a Blended Learning Method that combines E-learning with face to face classroom lectures: Combination can be any.

  • 12 months Full time
  • 11 months (online) + 1 months (full time)
  • 10 months (online) + 2 months (full time)
  • 9 months (online) + 3 months (full time)


  • Flexible academic program with blended learning methods
  • Access to C3S online portal and E-resources
  • Spanish + English language courses
  • Paid internship opportunities with multinational companies
  • Option to further your studies at C3S Business School, Barcelona

The main teaching and learning methods at C3S includes classroom lectures, seminars and tutorials, practical learning, field trips, projects,and learning through research. Duration of the program will be spread over two semesters in one calendar year: the curriculum of the Master’s programmer is fulfilled in the first two semesters.

The academic experience at master’s level can be quite intense. It involves a greater emphasis on self-directed study than at an undergraduate level. You’ll be expected to think and study independently, conduct more extensive background reading and bring your ideas to seminars and tutorials for discussion and debate. The second semester involves a presentation of the developed research assignment on which a master’s thesis is prepared and defended.

First Semester
Mandatory units

  1. Essentials of Marketing – 6 ECTS
  2. Introduction to Digital Marketing– 6 ECTS
  3. Digital Marketing Strategy– 6 ECTS
  4. Social Media– 6 ECTS
  5. E-commerce– 6 ECTS

Second Semester(Total 30 ECTS)

  1. Principles of Marketing– 4 ECTS
  2. Global Marketing– 4 ECTS
  3. Consumer Behavior– 4 ECTS
  4. Contemporary Trends in Marketing –3
  5. ECTS GRADUATION (optional – Exam or Thesis) – 15 ECTS
  1. Three year working experience, considering internships (learners must check with the delivery centre regarding this experience prior to registering for the programme)
  2. Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course
  3. English requirements: If a learner is not from a majority English-speaking country must provide evidence of English language competency.
  4. For more information get in touch with C3S Business School.

*Payment instalment plans are available. Please contact C3S’s Administration Department for further details

Application fee : Non-refundable, paid with application : 300 EUROS.

Full Time : 9,000 EUROS.
Blended : 6,000 EUROS.

Diploma Program Duration: = One Academic Year

  • A 10% discount may be applied if the student chooses to pay the full amount at the time of program acceptance.
  • *Payment installment plans are available. Please contact EU’s Administration Department for further details.


C3S is committed to provide students with global education, and we believe that financing can help attract best-in-class students who are ambitious and deserve a merit-based scholarship. For incoming students, these scholarships are granted after careful consideration, including academic merit and the social-economic status of a student.

The amount awarded is at the discretion of C3S administration but cannot exceed 50% of the annual tuition fees of the program. All national, international and transfer students are eligible for the following grants. You can apply for ONE scholarship only, so we recommend that you review the conditions of each option carefully.

Students are eligible to apply for the grant if they have been offered a place to study on a full-time course at Castelldefels School of Social Sciences in Barcelona.

Merit-based Grant:
Open For: Based primarily on grades, academic scholarships reward students with strong academic performance. Candidates should also describe how the academic merit and professional success has provided them with leadership potential.

Need-based Grant:
Need-based scholarships are awarded based on students or students’ parents’ financial background. These need-based scholarships are designed to aid with studies when students or their guardians are not able to afford tuition and fees.

Women in business:
There’s been great progress in bridging the gap between equal rights of men and women. The Women in Business Grant is for female applicants who have work or internship experience or have led a team in an international environment. For this scholarship, C3S is seeking female leaders who have experience and understand today’s global working environment.

Accredited Disability Grant:
The Accredited Disability Grant is a discretionary fund intended to help support students with disabilities and is not eligible for statutory funding. Please choose your scholarship and then email the completed corresponding application form to your admissions officer or at with the rest of the documents required for admission. Please also include:

* A copy of your most current CV or provide us with a brief history of your previous employment or work placements/internships.
Please attach any relevant supporting documents to strengthen your application (e.g. job references, professors’ references, transcripts). All references and any supporting documentation must be sent as part of your full application

The career services help students explore career directions and provide support through a host of services and resources that include

Resume and cover letter assistance
C3S help to guide through how to create a sharp resume and an individualized cover letter that expresses your interest in the internship or future job.

Mock Interviews
For many student’s, they feel interview as interrogation and have anxiety however interview is nothing than a mutual exchange of the information. C3S provides a mock interview as the opportunity to learn about the job and the employer and be confident. C3S has been supporting students by arranging following

  1. Preparation
  2. The session
  3. The feedback

C3S organizes career fairs and encourage students to attend fair sessions as this give will them the opportunity for internships to develop good networking. Students can benefit of the school associations for internship opportunities.

Graduate Internships
C3S Academic Internship Agreement allows students to do internship as fundamental part of the study which can be extremely beneficial.

Awarding Body