€16,500 (EU)
€18,000 (Non EU)

The course will help in gaining adequate knowledge of economics and applicable business techniques and principles. It will offer a keen understanding of business and economic systems, provide an insight to the organizational culture of the workplace, the know-how to deal with problems in a corporate world.

On graduating from this course, the student will gain a practical and theoretical understanding of Business & Economics, develop industry specific operational & communication skills, required knowledge of data and information management to be able to use effective solutions in business.

The graduates in business and economics could step in the following careers:

  1. Self-employers, business consultants.
  2. Event management, in banking and finance (banking, insurance, financial market, international financial institutions).
  3. In service sectors (the public, private and social economy), Journalism specialized in finance

C3S offers a combined teaching approach of interactive e-learning with traditional classroom methods, whereby students have access to an advanced tool through eCampus online platform, that facilitates the academic materials for each subject.
This methodology helps students in planning the learning outcomes, improve communication skills and prepare in advance for each class.

Students receive the latest updates and essential information through practical tools, such as learning forums and moderate chats, all of these contribute to advance through the level of studies. All assessments and progress are measured by the faculties of each subject.

Year 1

  1. Principles of Civil Law 9 ECTS
  2. Introduction to Business Economics 9 ECTS
  3. Mathematical Methods 9 ECTS
  4. Microeconomics 9 ECTS
  5. Elements of Statistics 9 ECTS
  6. English language (B1 level) 5 ECTS

Year 2

  1. Financial Statement Analysis 6 ECTS
  2. Company and Business Law 9 ECTS
  3. Fundamentals of Management 6 ECTS
  4. Macroeconomics 9 ECTS
  5. Marketing 6 ECTS
  6. Financial Mathematics 9 ECTS
  7. Basic Financial Statements 9 ECTS
  8. Business Markets (option) 6 ECTS
  9. International Financial Markets (option) 6 ECTS

Year 3

  1. ICT Basics 2 ECTS
  2. Banking Law 9 ECTS
  3. Applied Economics 9 ECTS
  4. Principles of Public Law 9 ECTS
  5. Organizational Studies 9 ECTS
  6. Public Economics 9 ECTS
  7. Corporate and Business Communications (option) 6 ECTS
  8. Complex Economics (option) 6 ECTS
  9. Sociology of Labor and Economic Processes (option) 6 ECTS
  10. Tax Law (option) 6 ECTS

Final Examination 4 ECTS

  1. Stage 4 ECTS

EU / Non-EU or International

Higher secondary school or completed A level

English language requirements

  1. IELTS 5.5 (with minimum 5.0 in all components).
  2. TOEFL (paper-based): overall score of 600 with a Test of Written English score of 5.5
  3. TOEFL (internet-based): overall score between 87-109 with component scores of at least 20. Cambridge English First (FCE) Student´s without previous criteria will be requested to present valid documentation that accredits their English proficiency.

Applicants from a recognized majority English speaking countries (MESCs) do not need to meet these requirements.

To meet our requirement for admission is always at the discretion of the program coordinator.

CIMEA degree recognition http://cis.cimea.it/en/info/02.htm


Application fee : Non-refundable, paid with application : 300 EUROS.

Tuition fees : 16.500 EUROS.

1st Year : 5.500 Euros
2nd Year : 5.500 Euros
3rd Year : 5.500 Euros

Non EU

Application fee : Non-refundable, paid with application : 300 EUROS.

Tuition fees : 18.000 EUROS.

1st Year : 6.000 Euros
2nd Year : 6.000 Euros
3rd Year : 6.000 Euros

*Payment instalment plans are available. Please contact C3S’s Administration Department for further details

Opportunities for doing an internship available through our network of 50 tie-up corporate partners.

Internships may be paid or unpaid depending on the employer. (*Monthly salary may start from 400 euros).

Upon successful completion of a course, the student would have options for placement.

Awarding Body