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Partner University


Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH)

The Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality(CTH) was established in 1982 as a specialist professional awarding body in the UK with a mission to focus on the training needs of new entrants to the hospitality, travel, tourism, and culinary sectors.

  • CTH has partnerships with major international employers and academic institutions.
  • CTH is a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies.

E-campus University

The eCampus University was established as a government accredited online university in 2006. It has also a well equipped campus off ering mainly three diff erent learning options: standard distance learning, an on-campus residential program, and a combined distance and residential program.

  • The European Union has awarded eCampus University with an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, a benchmark of high quality and good practices in the internationalization process of education.
  • eCampus university uses multimedia teaching-learning resources to ensure maximum interactivity, sustained by regular contributions from tutors, who take responsibility for single students as well as conduct virtual classes.
  • Provides opportunities to participate in seminars, theme-based study sessions, company internships and apprenticeships, and cultural exchanges with other countries.
  • Tutors are responsible for the whole plan and vouch for the students’ achievement of the target.
  • A fl exible course program to meet every demand.
  • Placement opportunities in both Spanish and multinational companies.

VUZF University

VUZF University is the fi rst private university specialized in the area of fi nance, insurance and social insurance, management and marketing. The University received institutional accreditation from the Accreditation committee of National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA) by Protocol № 11/27.03.2008 and program accreditation for “Economics” professional fi eld from the Standing Committee on Economic Sciences and Management with NEAA for the period of six years. In May 2014 the institutional accreditation was extended from the Accreditation committee of NEAA for the period of six years.

The university has incorporated an educational system of the quality management of training and research, which has been certifi ed by “Moody International” in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000. In 2007 VUZF received an expanded Erasmus University Charter, which allows students to learn or practice in universities and institutions in member countries of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area.

In 2013 VUZF University received International Higher Education Accreditation by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) for the maximum period of 4 years. This proves that the educational programs in The VUZF University cover the standards for higher education in the UK. The BAC accreditation verifi es that in VUZF teaching and educational process as a whole, are of very high standard.

In April 2016 VUZF received program accreditation for the professional fi eld “Economics” from the Standing Committee on Economic Sciences and Management with the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, for the period of six years. At the same time, the University received program accreditation for the following doctoral programs: “Finance, insurance and social insurance” and “Accounting, control and analysis” from “Economics” professional fi eld for the period of fi ve years, from the Standing Committee on Economic Sciences and Management with NEAA.

  • Education of the new age integrating theory and practice.
  • Interactive approach, small study groups, modern facilities.
  • Face to face and distance learning opportunities.
  • Up to date knowledge integrating principles of ethical behavior.
  • An academic environment emphasizing on the students.
  • Excellent career opportunities.