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Language Programs

English Program for University Students or Intensive

English program

Three Months
Level B1

Start Dates First Monday of April 2018
Course Duration 12 Week
Lessons per week 20
Lesson length 50 minutes

Fees 2000 Euro

Minimum 8 students to open the course.


Six Months
Level B1
Start Dates First Monday of April 2018
Course Duration 24 Week
Lessons per week 12
Lesson length 50 minutes

Fees 3000 Euro

Minimum 6 students to open the course.


The course will help students to be successful in their university studies by preparing them for the challenges of studying in a foreign language and in a foreign culture.

Students will learn how best to cope with the workload, particularly in terms of reading efficiently and effectively.

Students will learn how to write in an academic style and how to give successful presentations. We will also look at how to get involved in seminars and how to get the most out of lectures. The following skills and topics are usually covered:

1. The academic aspect, an overview of:
• Lectures
• Seminars
• Tutorials
• Research
• Referencing

2. Reading and writing
• Dealing with reading lists
• Note-taking and summarising ideas
• Avoiding plagiarism
• Referencing
• Formulating research questions
• Building an argument
• Essay writing

3. Listening and speaking
• Preparing for lectures
• Note-taking
• Following up on notes
• Engaging in discussion
• Formulating questions in real time
• Giving presentations
• Responding effectively to questions

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