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Career Service Division

The career services help students explore career directions and provide support through a host of services and resources that include

Internships and Placement

Our career service division connect the students with recruiter which simplifies the recruitment process. CSSS have been very successful to collaborate with best industries not only in Spain, but also has global recruitment partners, so the students can have the possibilities to choose suitable internship or job. Through this we believe that our students and graduates will have ability to meet the demands of today’s.

Our experience and expertise Career Centre Team has been able to offer students different kinds of internship.
The internship offered to our student are paid from 300 euros up to 1000 euros monthly with duration from 3 months up to 1 years in Spain , EU,USA, China, India, Dubai, Caribbean and many more.

Students enrolled in aviation program have greater opportunities to do paid internship in reputed airline company like Lufthansa at Frankfurt airline after the successful completion of course.

Student will have the option to spend 4 months of summer in USA with J1 visa which will allow them to work and travel. Also, student have the chances of doing up to 1 year of paid internship after successful completion of course with J1 visa as well.

How to apply?

Get in touch with our career service division by sending an email at careerservice@csss.es

Double Degree

The CSSS students can earn a degree from a number of well-known universities in Europe.

This Course also offers several double degree programmes at no extra charge.

On Successful completion students can have the below possibilities for the additional Degree;
•  Student can go to USA on Work and Travel visa (J1 Visa)
•  Either Student can go to several UK Universities

Resume and cover letter assistance

CSSS help to guide through how to create a sharp resume and an individualized cover letter that expresses your interest in the internship or future job.

Mock Interviews

For many student’s, they feel interview as interrogation and have anxiety however interview is nothing than a mutual exchange of the information. CSSS provides mock interview as the opportunity to learn about the job and the employer and be confident. CSSS has been supporting students by arranging following;

Organizing Interview seminar
Practice your interviewing with Big Interview and Interview Stream
Schedule a mock interview

Career Fairs and Networking

CSSS organize as many career fairs and encourage students to attend fair sessions as this give will them the opportunity for internships, jobs and to develop good networking. Students can benefit solicit information, advice and facilitate their job search.